10 Tips to Sustainable Living:

1.) Keep it simple! Start small, don’t get overwhelmed! Focus on habit pairing.

2.) Plan, plan, plan! Much of the waste created is a result of not planning, or out of conveniency. Always have your sustainability bag packed in your car or waiting by your door ready to go!  Take time to plan for Birthday and Christmas parties and gifts.

3.) Use your “No thank you” often. By saying “no thank you” to straws, to-go boxes, bags and many other unnecessary freebies, you won’t make extra waste or take unwanted items home.

4.) Buy in Bulk when possible. Buying in bulk saves on extra waste and means less trips to the store!

5.) When buying fast food, think of low waste options, for example, skipping the beverage and carrying your own water bottle instead.

6.) Not composting currently? Ask us how! Composting is easy, reduces greenhouse gas and creates a natural, free fertilizer for your plants! Visit our website for videos on how to compost.

7.) When purchasing products, take your time. First research their origin, ask questions such as, was it made responsibly? Do I really need this? How long will it last? What will be the impact on the environment when I’m done using it? Is there a substitute I already have?

8.) Start a garden, however small! Visit your local farmers market often and search for local made products.

9.) Buy local and buy used whenever possible or better yet, borrow items to be used only once if possible or go without. Get creative!

10.) Plan a zero-waste outing with your family once a month. Make it fun!


List of websites for sustainable living:

Some of KCCB staff and board members favorite websites & products: – plastic free razors, shampoo and conditioners, bamboo toothbrushes, wool dryer balls and much more! Package-less plastic free products such as mouthwash, toothpaste & soap -plastic free, paper free toilet paper -plastic free, compostable cloths, these take the place of paper towels, washcloths and microfiber towels. Eco friendly cotton reusable tissues (La Girafe) -why buy new when you can buy lightly used clothing products on this website. Anything from shoes, dresses, jewelry to children’s clothing at a much cheaper rate. A trendy eco-boutique right in our very own Omaha, Nebraska!! Plastic free home goods. Natural based makeup products and essential oils. A wide assortment of ecofriendly products including pet products and outdoor enthusiast gear. - Instead of using google as a search engine, use where they plant trees when you search! Visit to see how many trees have been planted and where they’re planting them!

Recommended Podcast:

Interested in learning more about sustainable living? Check out the podcast: Sustainable minimalists Stephanie Sefarian interviews people from around the world who each have a different specialty and experience with sustainable living. I have found this extremely inspirational and insightful.

Recommended Reading materials: (All books are available at the Plattsmouth Public Library for check out compliments of KCCB). ?

Sustainable Minimalism by Stephanie Sefarian

101 Ways to go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg

Can I Recycle this? By Jennie Romer