Cedar Creek Ball Park Renovation

Summer/Fall 2015


Local Cedar Creek and Louisville ball players are looking forward to the call, “Batter –up,” when spring practices begin next year. Thanks to a $20,000 Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Grant, many area youth will reap the benefits of a renovated ball field in the village park. Phase II of the multi-year Cedar Creek Community Improvement Project is near completion. Forty-four conifer and deciduous trees were planted in the Cedar Creek Park last fall to complete Phase I of the plan. Keep Cass County Beautiful was awarded funding for both projects through a 2014 and 2015 KAB/Lowe’s Grant.

Steve Sharp, Blake Moses and John Mohler prepare a new home plate.  

Twenty-four tons of Diamond Pro, an infield clay and shale soil conditioner, have been added to the field along with grading and leveling to improve field drainage. Concrete pads have been installed under the bleacher areas and in the dugouts. New chain link fencing now encloses the field along with new poles and netting added to the batting cages. Fresh brick and mound clay have improved the pitcher’s mound and home plate. While the Lowe’s Grant portion of the project has been completed, the village board will add new benches and roofs to complete the dugouts in the spring.

   Local volunteers pour the concrete pad for the bleachers behind home plate.


Cedar Creek Park Improvement Project

Fall 2014

Keep Cass County Beautiful has been awarded a $10,000 grant from Lowe’s Home Improvement to support KCCB’s mission to engage individuals in building and sustaining vibrant communities. The KAB/Lowe’s Community Partners grant will provide funding for Cedar Creek’s Village Park Improvement Project. The grant will help replace some diseased pine trees with new conifer trees and add more deciduous shade trees in the 19 acre park and green space areas. The addition of more trees will provide shade, shelter, habitat, cleaner air, and a beautiful environment that will encourage more use of park areas.  



 UNION BALL FIELD Revitalization Project 2012

The Union Ballfield Revitalization project was made possible thanks to a $5,000 grant from Lowe's and our partnership with Keep America Beautiful. The improved ball field and park has increased use by local residents and teams from nearby communities.  Increased traffic has also produced revenue from concessions to help maintain and beautify the whole area. 


Union water tower

last time a long time ago
Last time a long time ago



15 Volunteers

550 Hours

$8245 Value of time invested

$5000 Lowe’s Foundation Grant

$13,245 Total investment


 Old Dugout
Old dugout

 Ben checking old dugout
Ben checks out old dugout

Roof is falling
Roof is falling

 Lowes Delivering lumber
Lowe's delivering lumber

Lowes delivering concrete

...and concrete

Progress is messy
Progress is messy

 Melissa measuring
Melissa Measuring

 Jim and Dale installing footings
Jim and Dale installing footings

 Dale stabilizing corners
Dale stabilizing corners

 dugput progress
Dugout progress

Finished inside roof
New roof finished

Jesse Making Cuts
Jesse making cuts

 One about done
About done

Checking the story
Checking the story

 ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting