Curbside recycling is available for residents in the cities/villages of Alvo, Louisville, Manley, Murray, Nehawka, Weeping Water, and upon request by individual trash providers in some communities. The communities of Avoca, Cedar Creek, Eagle, Lake WaConDa and Union have a recycle container available to residents full time. 

Contact the city clerk in your community for the recycle container location.

Most of our recyclables go to First Star Recycling in Omaha or Lincoln. Go to the "Recycling Guidelines" and "Recycling Nots" tabs in the main menu for more information about what to recycle in your curbside recycling bins.

Cass County Recycling Center is open from mid April through October. Hours are Friday & Saturday from 8 - 11:30 a.m. & 12:30 - 3 p.m. (closed 11:30 - 12:30, last load at 2:30 p.m.).

Only metal and yard waste are accepted. NO TIRES or CONCRETE. Compost no longer available. Located at 13780 12th St. Plattsmouth, phone 402-296-9165, Check web page: for fees.

Read the Nebraska Recycling Study to better understand recycling in Nebraska.


Electronics and Other Materials:  Watch our Social Media outlets and homepage web information for KCCB electronic recycling events held in Cass County communities during the year.

Cass County Electronics Recycling Events are held locally in various communities in the spring and fall. Watch our Current Events page for details or follow us on Facebook.


 Cross Electronic Recycling accepts:

Computers, Monitors* Televisions* Printers, Key Boards & Mice, Toner Cartridges, Cell Phones, Cameras, Sound Equipment, Stereos, Players, Electronic Games, Appliances: Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Vacuum Cleaners; Power Tools, Lawn Equipment,  Machinery, Vehicles - any kind, any condition. Anything with a Cord or a Battery. Working or Not - They take it all!

*There are disposal fee charges for bulk alkaline batteries: $1.00 per pound; CRT monitors and all styles of Televisions: $20 up to 20"; $30 up to 30"; $40 up to 40"; and $50 up to 50", etc..  All items are refurbished or recycled and used to provide vocational training and job experience for disadvantaged men and women at the Cross Training Center  located at 5030 North 72 Street, Omaha, NE. Items may be dropped off at the store location or watch for KCCB Electronic Recycling Events held in Cass County. For more information call Cross Recycling at 402-590-2100 as fees change with fluctuating markets.


Recycling Electronics & Appliances:

Best Buy Stores are now charging $25 each for recycling of tvs & computer monitors due to the changing markets.     

 Policies can change, so check BestBuy for the most current recycling information and charges.

The following is a list of other accepted items (some have fees):

Battery Backups (UPS)                      Portable Media Players

Cables and Connectors                      Portable TVs

CD/DVD Jewel Cases                         Power Inverters

DirecTV Set Top Box/Converters     Projectors

DVD/Blue Ray Players                       Remotes/Surge Protectors

Flat Panel: LCD, Plasma, LED < 50 inches            TIVO

Headphones                                         Tube TV < 32 inches

In-Dash/Overhead DVD                     TV Antennas

Internet TV Set Top Box/Satellite Receivers


Portable DVD                                       Wall Mounts

Best Buy will haul away these major appliances from your home for free when a qualifying replacement product is delivered by Geek Squad or Best Buy Home Delivery. The appliances will be properly and safely recycled.

Flat Panel: LCD, Plasma, LED > 50"  Tube & Projection TV > 32 " 

Additional Major Appliances can be removed and recycled. Fees apply.       


 ** If you participate in the Hefty Energy bag program, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and other "hard to recycle plastics" may be placed in the orange hefty bags! 

Recycling in the Bathroom...

·           DID YOU KNOW?

·                      RiNSING OF RECYCLABLES

You do not need to thoroughly rinse shampoo, body wash, and other bottles before recycling. Just empty the contents, replace the cap, and recycle.

·         AEROSOL CANS

Empty aerosol cans (deodorant, hairspray, and sunscreen) are recyclable with other aluminum or steel cans.


Plastic pumps in bottles (e.g. lotion) are not yet recyclable. Empty the contents, discard the pump, and recycle the bottle.

Bathroom Recycling Campaign

Currently, nearly half of Americans are not regularly recycling their plastic personal care products. To motivate more Americans to recycle in the bathroom, Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council have joined with Unilever to expand the conversation around recycling beyond the kitchen. This campaign is supported by Unilever’s annual Unilever Bright Futureinitiative, which will focus on helping people create more sustainable lifestyles starting May 2015.

Pesticide Container Recycling....


The Nebraska Extension Pesticide Container Recycling Program recycles 1, and 2.5 gallon plastic pesticide containers and 15, 30 and 55 gallon plastic crop protection drums.


The program accepts pressure-rinsed or triple rinsed 1 and 2.5 gallon plastic pesticide containers. They must be clean and drained, inside and out. Caps, labels, booklets and slipcover plastic labels must be removed. Drums must be thoroughly rinsed before delivery and should not be cut or opened in any way.


Wilber Ellis formerly Wiles Brothers southwest of Plattsmouth collects year-round and accepts drums.


Midwest Farmers Coop, Greenwood, will collect July 1 - 31 and accepts drums.


A full list of recycling sites, guidelines and program information can be found at UNL's Pesticide Safety Education Program.


 John's Appliance in Plattsmouth recycles mercury thermostats at no charge.


The Elmwood Small Engine Repair and Recycling Center offers an opportunity for Cass County residents to recycle many products.

Located at 304 South 4th (the old lumber yard) in Elmwood, Nebraska. The center pays for most items and has pick up available. Call 402-994-3663 for more information.

Here is a partial list of what they recycle:

  • Batteries: car, tractor, computer, cordless tools, NiCad, lithium ion, NiMH, etc.
  • Metals: copper, steel, aluminum, brass, cans, barrels, and fencing
  • Electronic scrap: computers ($10 fee for monitors and tv's), stereos, cell phones, TV antennas, satellite dish, and printers
  • Appliances: water heaters, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and air conditioners
  • Cars, Trucks, Farm Equipment: (With title and/or bill of sale), and Material from the old tree belt
  • Anti-freeze and oil

They do not accept tires, styrofoam or fiberglass.


For other recycling needs visit the Nebraska Recycling Council. 

Find out where to recycle almost anything with the Nebraska Recycling Guide that lets you search for over 100 types of materials, by organization, or by location within a search radius you select. You can even find special recycling events near you. 

The list below is a partial list of service providers offering recycling solutions in the metro area.


* Recycling information and drop-off centers in Omaha may be found at Omaha Recycles and at FirstStar Recycling at 10330 "I" Street.

Recycling in South Omaha: River City Recycling Center 6404 s 60th St. Mon-Fri 8-4:30 & Sat 8-3      


Oil based and latex paint can be safely disposed of by any of the following methods.

1. Add kitty litter or sawdust in the can; stir & let paint & litter dry. Then dispose of can & dry paint in the landfill trash.

2. Brush old paint on cardboard & let dry. Dispose of dried cardboard & dry paint residue in can in the landfill trash.

3. Brush/pour old paint on old carpet & let dry completely. Dispose of dried carpet & dry paint can in the landfill trash.

4. If the paint is still good, donate it to a neighbor, friend, local theater, school or charity organization.

Never dispose of paint down the sewer or home sink drain.


Household Hazardous Waste

Watch our website "Current News " page, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and other local print media for summer/fall Household Hazardous Waste collections that hope to be held annually in Cass County, Nebraska. (Collections are contingent upon grant funding as they are very expensive to host.)

Items usually accepted include cleaning products, lawn and garden chemicals, small quantities of farm chemicals, paint, used oil, antifreeze, florescent light bulbs and other hazardous household items. NO tires, appliances, science lab chemicals, items containing asbestos, wood preservatives, PCB's, explosives, or commercial quantities.

Dispose of usable paint and hazardous household chemicals, yard chemicals, etc. contact:
Under The Sink at 402/444-SINK.  Located in Omaha, north of 120th &
"I" Streets.       
For residents of Douglas and Sarpy Counties ONLY, not Cass County.



*Omaha Paper Stock  -  1111 Fort Street, Omaha
402/392-2007  Check for periodic shredding events.

*International Paper  -  7202 North 16th Street, Omaha

* First Star Recycling  (Firstar Fiber)  - 10330 "I" Street, Omaha

DataShield Corporation  -  1528 North 16th Street, Omaha
402/898-5000. Security document shredding.      




 *  For recycling in other Nebraska communities check with the City/Village office or visit the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Select "Your Environment" then select the Recycling Directory.

Other information is available at Keep Nebraska Beautiful.

3,000 Mile Oil Change Often Not Necessary-

Consult your owner's manual for recommended oil change interval on your car.  Many vehicle manuals recommend 5,000 or even 7,500 miles. Changing oil according to manufacturer specifications will reduce motor oil demand by millions of gallons. Frequent oil changes do not necessarily mean better performance or longer engine life.

Car bumpers & plastic wheel-well fender liners: Recycle at First Star Recycling (Firstar Fiber), 10330 "I" Street, Omaha, 402/894-0003.

 *  BATTERIES: is a free program to recycle batteries and cell phones. Type in your zip code to find drop-off locations in Nebraska nearest you.
There are approximately 50 in the Omaha area and 20 in the Lincoln metro area.

In cooperation with, Keep Cass County Beautiful collects cell phones and rechargable batteries at the Louisville City Office, 210 Main Street, Louisville, NE, the Plattsmouth Public Library, Plattsmouth, NE and the Weeping Water Library, Weeping Water.  

Alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, A, C, D, 9-volt) no longer contain mercury, but may be recycled at KCCB electronic waste collection events for a small fee per pound. 

Rechargable batteries should NOT go in trash, but should go to a battery retail store or distributor. This includes batteries for cordless tools, toys, etc.

Ask your nearest battery retailer whether your battery packs from power tools, electric razor or hand-vacuum can be rebuilt or reconditioned instead of purchasing new ones.

Lead acid batteries (cars, trucks, boats) should be recycled, or can often be reconditioned by a battery recycler so you can use them longer.

*Action Battery - 7911 J Street, Omaha

*Husker Battery - 7345 Maple Street, Omaha

Top 5 Reasons to Recycle

  • Conserves natural resources

Recycling conserves natural resources such as trees, water and minerals — preserving the environment for future generations.

  • Reduces the need for landfills

Recycling reduces the need for landfills and incinerators because when materials are recycled, less waste is sent to disposal facilities.

  • Prevents pollution

Recycling prevents pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by the extracting and processing of raw materials.

  • Saves energy

Recycling saves energy by eliminating the need to extract and process raw materials.


The recycling process helps create new jobs in the United States for both the recycling industry and manufacturing.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the waste and recycling industry, currently employs more than 350,000 workers in the U.S.

Recycling can be the least expensive waste management method for cities and towns.


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