Plattsmouth Glass Recycling program info:

The Location for glass recycling is 505 Chicago Avenue where the stand alone First Bank ATM is located. First Bank graciously allowed us to use this area for recycling! Thank you for the Plattsmouth community Foundation for giving KCCB a grant to make this project a possibility. This is a pilot program so if it doesn't go well in the first year, it will likely not continue so please be a team player and recycle right. It's simple! Read the guidelines below. 


No bags, boxes or other containers to be left with glass. GLASS ONLY.
Glass bottles and jars of all shapes and colors can be recycled here! Labels are ok and do not need to be removed! Broken glass is ok! The bins will be emptied every two weeks, the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. If the bins are full, please be respecful and come back another time. 

Items that should never go into the glass recycling bins: 

metal, plastic, PYREX glass, light bulbs, mirror, window glass, paper, cardboard, furniture, tires, any JUNK. This is for GLASS recycling ONLY

Thank you and enjoy this new service brought to you by KCCB!